Common eggs. From left to right: 5km, 2km, 10km.

Eggs are a specific kind of items which can be hatched to get a creature.

Egg Types

Common Eggs

Common Eggs are incubated using Cocoons and by walking a certain distance.

They are obtained as Pillar of Abundance drops.

Three tiers of common eggs exist :

  • 2km Eggs
  • 5km Eggs
  • 10km Eggs

Ancient Eggs

Ancient Eggs are incubated using the Mother of Dragons and by waiting a certain amount of time.

Just like Common Eggs, they are obtained as drops from pillars and come in 3 tiers:

  • 2h Eggs
  • 5h Eggs
  • 10h Eggs

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs are a special type of egg which can only be obtained from a Golden Egg Hunt.

They don't have to be incubated (they hatch instantly when obtained) and contains only the best creatures.

Common Eggs are incubated simply by loading them into a Dragon Cocoon and walking around. Each player is automatically given one (1) infinite Cocoon at the start of the game.

Creatures hatched from eggs

The creatures hatching from eggs vary depending on a hidden characteristic called Egg Tier.

Every species of creatures has a hidden Egg Tier, indicating from which eggs it can hatch. Worst creatures are Tier 1, while best creatures are Tier 3.

Then, the following rules apply :

  • 2km / 2h eggs give Tier 1 creatures only
  • 5km / 5h eggs give Tier 1 and Tier 2 creatures
  • 10km / 10h eggs give Tier 2 and Tier 3 creatures
  • Golden eggs give Tier 3 creatures only

Note: Frogus, Berrydillo, Potty, Suntzi & Rookie do not hatch from eggs.

2KM egg

2km egg.

2km and 2h eggs

Acornling Airver Axolan Bellflow
Bogy Brownie Dribble Dryad
Dummyween Earaught Earbat Eskimo
Firepaw Flamy Flowy Fluffycorn
Frigan Frogissimo Gamayun Glim
Grandalotl Helsailor Incumus Infalisk
Jellyhat Kelpie Lavion Leaflet
Marid Minor Mymmyween Overaquian
Phoby Plantic Scarecrow Shamurf
Shroomy Snowcliff Snowy Spikeback
Spiritus Spooky Sprinkle Steampal
Stumpy Tonnir Windance
5KM egg

5km egg.

5km and 5h eggs

Absolerm Acornling Advise Aerycorn
Airver Axolan Batoid Bellflow
Blaze Bogy Brag Brownie
Caesar Chappian Cheshir Clurichaun
Cuticat Dadachock Dadachum Daemonstar
Dao Disguir Dracool Dribble
Drout Dryad Dummyween Dwantflow
Earaught Earbat Earthborn Eskimo
Falhor Firefly Firepaw Flamy
Flowy Fluffycorn Frigan Frogissimo
Gamayun Gardrag Gathos Genie
Ghostus Glidy Glim Grandalotl
Harpy Helsailor Hopbear Incumus
Infalisk Infird Inur Ironguy
Jellyhat Kelpie Kiddra Kobold
Lavion Leaflet Magglad Mantari
Mantikid Marid Mediaquian Minor
Mushtopia Mymmyween Needlehot Overaquian
Parabeast Phantomo Phoby Phoenix
Phylo Plantic Princie Puerogryph
Puerolisk Ronolph Rosie Santus
Scarecrow Shamurf Shroomy Snailyn
Snowcliff Snowcrag Snowflake Snowy
Softail Spark Spikeback Spiritus
Spooky Sprinkle Steampal Stumpy
Tentahat Tonnir Troll Twigo
Twist Underaquian Undine Vampiro
10km egg

10km egg.

10km and 10h eggs

Absolerm Advise Aerycorn Ahathul
Arimasp Armorank Bajun Basilisk
Batoid Blaze Boogeyman Brag
Caesar Centoleon Chappian Charybdis
Cheshir Clurichaun Craus Crystallhat
Curly Cuticat Dadachock Dadachum
Daemonstar Dao Disguir Dracool
Drout Dwantflow Earthborn Falhor
Firefly Flibustus Frostmaiden Furglide
Gardrag Gathos Genie Ghostus
Glidy Grendel Gryphon Harpy
Hippofly Hopbear Hydra Infird
Inur Ironguy Kiddra Kobold
Leprechaun Leviathan Magglad Mantari
Manticore Mantikid Mediaquian Melhor
Morgoroth Mushtopia Needlehot Neptune
Parabeast Phantomo Phoenix Phylo
Picaroon Pillowcat Princie Puerogryph
Puerolisk Ronolph Rosebud Rosie
Salute Santus Scylla Sharptail
Smoargh Snailyn Snowcrag Snowflake
Softail Spark Stormdine Tempter
Tentahat Tigermant Troll Twigo
Twist Underaquian Undine Vampiro
Wooly Yeti Yogi
Golden egg

A Golden Egg.

Golden Eggs

Ahathul Arimasp Armorank Bajun
Basilisk Boogeyman Centoleon Charybdis
Craus Crystallhat Curly Flibustus
Frostmaiden Furglide Grendel Gryphon
Hippofly Hydra Leprechaun Leviathan
Manticore Melhor Morgoroth Neptune
Picaroon Pillowcat Rosebud Salute
Scylla Sharptail Smoargh Stormdine
Tempter Tigermant Wooly Yeti

Other Notes

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